Friday, June 12, 2009

Ghazal - Mata-e-Bebaha

Mat'a-e-Bebaha Hai Dard-o-Soz-e-Aarazoo Mandi!
Makaam-e-Bandagi Dekar Na Loon Shaan-e-Khudawandi!

Consuming fire for You, O Lord, Is a gift I will not trade;
I will not change slave's rank with that of a Master of men!!

Tere Aazaad Bandon Ki Na Ye Duniya Na Wo Duniya!
Yahaan Marne Ki Pabandi Wahaan Jeene Ki Pabandi.

Neither this world nor the next is for Your Liberal-slaves;
They are forced to die in this, And forced to live in the other!

Hijaab Akseer Hai Aawara Koo-e-Muhabbat Ko;
Meri Aatish Ko Bhadkati Hai Teri Der Paibandi.

Concealment is an elixir For those who are lost in love.
Your provoking reticence Inflames my passion more;

Guzar Aukaat Kar Leta Hai Ye Koh-o-Bayabaan Mein;
Ke Shaheen Ke Liye Zillat Hai Kaar-e-Aashiyaan Bandi.

Living in peace it roams On hills and in wildernesses;
The pride of Falcon will degrade By building an abode for itself.

Ye Faizaan-e-Nazar Tha Ya Ke Maktab Ki Karamat Thi?
Sikhaai Kisne Ismail Ko Aadab-e-Farzandi?

Was it the blessing of a glance, Or the miracle of tutelage?
Who taught to young Ismail The ways of filial obedience?

Ziyaratgaah-e-Ahle Azm-o-Himmat Hai Lahad Meri!
Ke Khaak-e-Raah Ko Maine Bataaya Raaz-e-Alwandi!

My grave is like a shrine For men of thought and courage!
For I have revealed truths sublime To mere specks of dust.

Meri Mashshatgi Ki Kya Zaroorat Husn-e-Maani Ko?
Ke Fitrat Khudba Khud Karti Hai Laale Ki Hinabandi!

The beauty of meaning need riot be Adorned by my craft,
For nature does herself Laala's Hinabandi (Incarnadine).
Laala is a kind of flower.

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  1. thanku pls post in hindi so pronouncation make easy

  2. i take classes for the understanding of Quran and we also study with reference to Iqbal's poetry. today we read about the whole episode of Ibraheem and his farmabardar son ismaeel thus we also read this poem. but this was the first time i truly understood it. thus i will say today what i always say,

  3. The translation is superb. The transformation of its urdu context into the english diction is flawless. Even my words or view on this might not justify this laudable effort