Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ghazal: Hamein Ismein Takrar Kya Thi

Na Aate, Hamein Ismein Takrar Kya Thi?
Magar Waada Karte Huwe Aar Kya Thi?

If you had not come I would have had no occasion for contention?
But what reluctance in making the promise was with me?

Tumhare Payami Ne Sab Raaz Khola;
Khata Ismein Bande Ki Sarkaar Kya Thi?

Your messenger disclosed every secret
O Lord!What fault of Man in this was?
(Allusion to Quran as a source of all knowledge)

Bhari Bazm Mein Apne Aashiq Ko Tadha;
Teri Aankh Masti Mein Hoshiyaar Kya Thi?

You recognized Your Lover in the full assembly.
How alert Your eye in the middle of the ecstasy was!

Ta'mmul To Tha Unke Aane Mein, Qasid!
Magar Ye Bata Tarz-e-Inkaar Kya Thi?

True! Reluctant was he to come, O messenger!
But tell me what the manner of denial was?

Kheenche Khud ba Khud Jaanib-e-Toor, Moosa;
Kashish Teri Aye Shokh-e-Deedar Kya Thi?

Moses was effortlessly attracted to Toor!
How strong, O Zeal your attraction was!?

Kahin Zikr Rehta Hai Iqbal Tera!
Fasoon Tha Koi, Teri Guftaar Kya Thi!

Your fame continues somewhere, O Iqbal!
Some magic, not your speech it was!

Aurat Ki Hifazat (Protection of Women)

Ek Zindah Haqeeqat Mere Seene Mein Hai Mastoor
Kya Samjhega Woh Jis Ki Ragon Mein Hai Lahuu Sard

A living reality is hidden in my breast,
What would he understand, in whose veins the blood is cold?

Ne Pardah Nah Taleem Nayee Ho Ke Puraani
Nisvaaniyat-e-Zann Ka Nigahbaan Hai Faqat Mard

Neither Pardah Nor Education, whether it be new or old
The guardian of the femininity of woman is only man

Jis Qaum Ne Is Zindah Haqeeqat Ko Na Paayaa
Uss Qaum Ka Khursheed Bahut Jald Huwa Zard

The community that didn't realize this living reality
That community's sun very quickly became pale

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ghazal: Aazadi-e-Nisvaan (The Freedom Of Women)

Is Bahas Ka Faisla main kuch Kar Nahi Sakta; 
Jo Khoob Samajhta Hoon Ke Yeh Zeher hai woh Qand

I cannot make any decision in this argument 
Though I understand very well that this side is poison; that side sugar

Kya Faida Kuch Keh Ke Banu Aur Bhi Ma'toob?
Pehle Hi Khafa Mujhse Hain Tehzeeb Ke Farzand

What's the benefit of saying something and becoming more vilified?
Already they are angry with me; the offspring of modern civilization

Iss Raaz Ko Aurat Ki Baseerat Hi Kare Faash; 
Majboor Hain Ma'zoor Hain Mardaan-e-Khiradmand

This secret, only the inside of women would reveal 
They are helpless, they are to be excused, the men of wisdom

Kya Cheez Hai Aaraa'ish-o-Keemath Mein Zyaada?
Aazaadi-e-Nisvaa Ke Zumurrud Ka GuluBand?

Which thing is greater in adornment and value?
The freedom of women or an emerald necklace?