Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ghazal: Chamak Teri Ayaan Bijli Mein

Chamak Teri Ayaan Bijli Mein Aatish Mein Sharaare Mein;
Jhalak Teri Haweeda Chaand Mein Suraj Mein Taare Mein

Your Sparkle can be seen in thunder, in fire, in spark
Your Existance is evident in moon, in sun , in stars

Bulandi Aasmanon Mein, Zameeon Mein Teri Pasti
Rawani Behr Mein, Uftadgi Teri Kinare Mein

Your Greatness in the skies and the Depthness in the lands
Your Flow in the oceans and the stillness in the shores

Shariat Kyun Gireban-Geer Ho Zauq-e-Takallam Ki
Chupa Jata Hun Apne Dil Ka Matlab Istaare Mein

Why should Shari'ah be accused of the taste of the eloquance?
I only conceal the meaning of my heart in metaphors

Jo Hai Baidar Insan Mein Woh Gehri Neend Sota Hai
Shajar Mein, Phool Mein, Haiwan Mein, Pathar Mein, Sitare Mein

The one who is awake among the mankind gord into deep sleep
In trees, in flowers, in animals, in stones, in stars

Mujhe Phoonka Hai Souz-e-Qatra-e-Ashk-e-Mohabbat Ne
Ghazab Ki Aag Thi Pani Ke Chote Se Sharare Mein

I have been blown by the droplet of the burning tear of love
Wrtah of fire was present in that small droplet of water

Nahin Jinse Sawab-e-Akhirat Ki Aarzoo Mujh Ko
Woh Soudagar Hun, Main Ne Naf'a Dekha Hai Khasare Mein

In which I expect no reward for me on the Judgement day
That merchant I am who sees profit in the loss

Sukoon Na-Ashna Rehna Isse Saman-e-Hasti Hai
Tadap Kis Dil Ki Ya Rab Chup Ke Aa Baithi Hai Paare Mein

Being unaware of tranquility is existence for it
O God! Restlessness of which heart is residing in mercury

Sada-e-Lantarani Sun Ke Aey Iqbal Mein Chup Hun
Taqazon Ki Kahan Taqat Hai Mujh Furqat Ke Mare Mein

O Iqbal I am silent after hearing the call of "LanTarani" 
Being afflicted with separation I have no strength for importunity