Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ghazal: Hamein Ismein Takrar Kya Thi

Na Aate, Hamein Ismein Takrar Kya Thi?
Magar Waada Karte Huwe Aar Kya Thi?

If you had not come I would have had no occasion for contention?
But what reluctance in making the promise was with me?

Tumhare Payami Ne Sab Raaz Khola;
Khata Ismein Bande Ki Sarkaar Kya Thi?

Your messenger disclosed every secret
O Lord!What fault of Man in this was?
(Allusion to Quran as a source of all knowledge)

Bhari Bazm Mein Apne Aashiq Ko Tadha;
Teri Aankh Masti Mein Hoshiyaar Kya Thi?

You recognized Your Lover in the full assembly.
How alert Your eye in the middle of the ecstasy was!

Ta'mmul To Tha Unke Aane Mein, Qasid!
Magar Ye Bata Tarz-e-Inkaar Kya Thi?

True! Reluctant was he to come, O messenger!
But tell me what the manner of denial was?

Kheenche Khud ba Khud Jaanib-e-Toor, Moosa;
Kashish Teri Aye Shokh-e-Deedar Kya Thi?

Moses was effortlessly attracted to Toor!
How strong, O Zeal your attraction was!?

Kahin Zikr Rehta Hai Iqbal Tera!
Fasoon Tha Koi, Teri Guftaar Kya Thi!

Your fame continues somewhere, O Iqbal!
Some magic, not your speech it was!
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