Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ghazal: Na Tu Zameen Ke Liye Hai Na Aasmaan Ke Liye

Na Tu Zameen Ke Liye Hai Na Aasmaan Ke Liye

Jahaan Hai Tere Liye, Tu Nahin Jahan Ke Liye

You are not for the Earth, nor are you for the heavens

The whole universe is for you; you are not for the universe


Ye Akal-o-Dil Hai Sharar Shola-e-Mohabbat Ke

Wo Khaar-o-Khas Ke Liye Hai, Ye Nestaan Ke Liye

The mind and the heart Are sparks in the flame of love;

One for a moment's world, The other for an everlasting world


Maqaam-e-Parwarish-e-Aah Wa Naala Hai Ye Chaman

Na Sair-e-Gul Ke Liye Hai Na Aashiyaan Ke Liye

This garden is for you to yearn, To seek a beautific vision.

Not for your delight and nor to build your adobe.


Rahega Raavi-o-Neel-o-Faraat Mein Kab Tak?

Tera Safeena Ke Hai Bahr-e-Bekaraan Ke Liye

Till when will you be in the Ravi, Nile and the Tigress?

Your Ship is for the Open Sea of Restlessness.


Nishaan-e-Raah Dikhaate The Jo Sitaron Ko

Taras Gaye Hain Kisi Mard-e-Raahdan Ke Liye

They were a beacon once To the brightest stars of heaven,

But now they languish in darkness, In search of a guide to lead them.


Nigah Buland, Sukhan Dilnawaaz, Jaan Pur Soz

Yahi Hai Rakht-e-Safar Meer-e-Kaarwaan Ke Liye

A lofty vision, Gracious speech, And a passionate soul

These are the attributes Of the leader of Caravan.


Zara Si Baat Thi Andesha-e-Ajam Ne Use

Badha Diya Hai Faqat Zaib-e-Daastaan Ke Liye

It was a small speech; But the because of Non-Arabs' thought,

Made it big just for the sake of a Story


Mere Gulu Mein Hai Ek Nagma-e-Jibraeel Aashob

Sambhal Kar Jise Rakha Hai La Makaan Ke Liye

My soul has a secret song, A defiance to Gabriel

A song I have preserved For life in eternity.

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