Saturday, October 3, 2009


Har Lehza Hai Moomin Ki Nayee Shaan Nayee Aaan;
Guftar Mein Kirdaar Mein Allah Ki Burhaan.

Every Moment of a True Believer is a new grandeur;
By words and deeds he gives a proof Of Mighty God, His reach and power

Yeh Chaar Anasir Ho Tho Banta Hai Musalmaan.

Rout the foes, Grant them Reprieve, Do pious deeds & show great might;
Are the four characteristics that make A Perfect Muslim

Hamsaaya-e-Jibreel-e-Ameen Banda-e-Khaki;
Hai Iska Nasheman Na Bukhaara Na Badakhshaan.

This clay-born man has kinship close to Gabriel the trusted;
His dwelling place is neve r a land or clime.

Ye Raaz Kisiko Nahin Maalum Ke Moomin!
Qari Nazar Aata Hai; Haqeekat Mein Hai Qur'an.

The Believer's Secret has not been known by anyone.
He looks like a Reciter; But in fact he himself is the Qur'an.

Qudrat Ke Maqasid Ka Ayyar, Iske Iraade;
Duniya Mein Bhi Mizaan, Qayamat Mein Bhi Mizaan.

The Nature's aims and ends are his intentions;
He keeps Balance in this World also & keeps Balance in the Hereafter also.

Jis'se Jigar-e-Laala Mein Thandak Ho Wo Shabnam;
Daryawon Ke Dil Jis'se Dahel Jaaye Wo Toofaan.

With friends and mates, He is dew that cools the tulip;
With enemies he is like torrent strong which makes oceans shake.

Fitrat Ka Sarood-e-Azal Iske Shab-o-Roz;
Aahang Mein Ekta, Sifat-e-Sura-e-Rehmaan

His Days and Nights are Nature's Sweet Song;
Like Chapter Rehman of Qur'an is his Melodious rhyming tune.

Bante Hain Meri Kargah-e-Fikr Mein Anjum;
Le Apne Muqaddar Ke Sitare Ko Tu Pehchaan.

Such thoughts that shine like lustrous stars are provided in my Brain
Recognize the star which will guide your Fate.

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