Sunday, September 7, 2008

Farishton Ka Geet

Aqal hai Be-Zamaam Abhi, Ishq Hai Be-Maqaam Abhi;
Naqsh Gare Azal, Tera Naqsh Hai Natamaam Abhi

Yet Reason is without control, Yet Love is without home;
O Planner of Eternity(God), Your plan is unfinished yet.

Khalk-e-Khuda Ki Ghaat Mein, Rind-o-Faqeeh, Meer-o-Peer;
Tere Jahaan Mein Hai Wahi Gardish-e-Subaho-o-Shaam Abhi.

The miscreants, intellectuals, kings & saints, are waiting for an anguish.
Your world still is the same cycle of mornings & evenings of sins.

Tere Ameer Maal Mast; Tere Fakeer Haal Mast;
Banda Hai Kochah Gard Abhi Khwaajah Buland Baam Abhi.

The rich are drunk with wealth; The pious are drunk with health;
The homeless wander in the streets, The lords of houses are under great Mansions

Daanish-o-Deen-o-ilm-o-Fun, Bandagi-e-Hawas Tamaam;
Ishq-e-Garah Kushaye Ka, Faiz Nahi Hai Aam Abhi

Knowledge, religion, art & science, are all slaves of Lust;
Your Love, that solves all riddles, is yet to become common among all.

Jauhar-e-Zindagi Hai Ishq, Jauhar-e-Ishq Hai Khudi;
Aah Ke Hai Ye Tegh-e-Tez, Pardagi-e-Niyaam Abhi

The essence of life is love, the essence of love is Self-hood;
Alas! This keen sword is still in the cover of its sheath.


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