Friday, October 4, 2013

Har Shay Musafir Har Cheez Raahi

Har Shay Musafir, Har Cheez Raahi
Kya Chand Tare, Kya Murg-o-Maahi

Every unit is Voyaging, every thing is in motion
Not only the moon and stars, even the animals and fishes.

Tu Mard-e-Maidan, Tu Mir-e-Lashkar
Noori Huzoori Tere Sipaahi

You the champion of the battlefield, you the head of the army
Even the bright angels become your soldiers.

Kuch Qadar Apni Tu Ne Na Jani
Ye Besawadi, Ye Kam Nigaahi!

Of your own greatness you have no notion.
This tastelessness, this less sightedness.

Dunya-e-Doon Ki Kab Tak Ghulami
Ya Raahbi Kar Ya Padshaahi

How long will you be the slave of this dark world?
Either do leadership or do Kingship.

Peer-e-Haram Ko Dekha Hai Mein Ne
Kirdar Be-Souz, Guftar Waahi

I have seen the leader of our mosque
Tuneless character. unrealistic speech.
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