Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ghazal: Qataa - A Piece

Andaz-e-Byan Gharche Bohat Shaukh Nahin Hai
Shayad Ke Utar Jaye Tere Dil Mein Meri Baat

Though my art of speech isn't so witty
Maybe my words will sink into your heart

Ya Wusaat-e-Aflak Mein Takbeer-e-Musalsal
Ya Khak Ke Aghosh Mein Tasbeeh-o-Munajat

Or continuous crying on God's greatness through the boundless sky
Or chanting Your name, embraced by the soil

Woh Mazhab-e-Mardan-e-Khud Agah-o-Khuda Mast
Ye Mazhab-e-Mullah-o-Jamadat-o-Nabataat

That is the religion of man who is of self-conscious and intoxicated with God.
This is the religion of mullas and the non living and the (plants) living.

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