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Shikwa - The Complaint (1911)

Kyun Ziyaankar Banu, Sood Faramosh Rahoon?
Fikr-e-Farda Na Karoon, Mehw-e-Gham-e-Dosh Rahoon?

Naal-e-Bulbul Ke Sunoon Aur Hamatan Gosh Rahoon?
Hamnawa Main Bhi Koi Gul Hoon Ke Khamosh Rahoon?

Jurr'at Aamoz Meri Taab-e-Sukhan Hai Mujhko!

Shikwa Allah Se Khakam Badhan Hai Mujhko!

Why should I be destructive and remain reckless of betterment?

Think not of the future, remain occupied in today's problems?

Should I hear nightingale's wails and remain completely mute?

O companion! Am I some flower so that I may remain silent?

The strength of my poetry is encouraging to me..

My complaint is against God! With Dust in my mouth (Woe be to me)!

Hai Baja Shewa-e-Tasleem Mein Mash'hoor Hain Hum;
Qissa-e-Dard Sunaate Hain Ke Majboor Hain Hum.

Saaz Khaamosh Hain, Fariyaad Se Maamoor Hain Hum;

Nala Aata Hai Agar Lab Pe Tho Ma'zoor Hain Hum.

Aye Khuda Shikwa-e-Arbaab-e-Wafa Bhi Sunle;

Khugar-e-Hamd Se Thoda Sa Gila Bhi Sunle.

It is true that we are famous in the methods of obedience;

But we are relating our story of pain out of compulsion.

Though a silent orchestra, we are full of complaint!

If the wailing comes to the lips we are excusable
O God!

Listen to the remonstrance also from the faithful

Listen to some complaint also from the one accustomed to praise You

Thi Tho Maujood Azal Se Hi Teri Zaat-e-Qadeem;

Phool Tha Zaib-e-Chaman, Par Na Pareshaan Thi Shameem.

Shart Insaaf Hai Aye Saahib-e-Althaaf-e-Ameen;

Boo-e-Gul Phailti Kis Tarha Jo Hoti Na Naseem?

Hamko Jamee'at-e-Khatir Ye Pareshaani Thi

Warna Ummat Tere Mehboob (saw) Ki, Diwaani Thi?

Though Your Existence had existed since eternity;
The flower existed in the garden but fragrance had not dispersed

Justice is a condition, O Lord of Universal Benevolence!

How could flower's fragrance spread if breeze did not exist?

This problem's solution was the source of satisfaction to us;

Otherwise was the Holy Prophet's Ummah insane?

Hum Se Pehlay Tha Ajab Tere Jahan Ka Manzar;
Kaheen Masjood The Patthar Kaheen Ma'bood Shajar!

Khogar-e-Paikar-e-Mehsoos Thi Insaan Ki Nazar;

Maanta Phir Koi Un-Dekhe Khuda Ko Kyun Kar??

Tujh Ko Maloom Hai Leta Tha Koi Naam Tera?

Quwwat-e-Baazo-e-Muslim Nai Kiya Kaam Tera

The scene of Your world was strange before us;
Stones were adored somewhere, trees were worshipped somewhere.

The eyes of Man are accustomed to tangible forms;

How could they be amenable to accept the Unseen God?

Do You know anyone who ever took Your name?

The strength of Muslims accomplished Your task of it!

Bas Rahe The Yaheen Saljooq Bhi, Toorani Bhi;
Ahl-e-Cheen, Cheen Mein, Iran Mein Sasani Bhi.

Isi Ma'moor Mein Aabaad The Yunaani Bhi;

Isi Dunya Mein Yahoodi Bhi The Nasrani Bhi.

Par Tere Naam Pe Talwaar Uthaii Kiss Ne?

Baat Jo Bigdi Huwi Thi, Wo Banaii Kiss Ne?

Saljuqs too were living here and the Turanas also;

The Chinese in China and in Iran the Sasanas also.

The Greeks were also living in the same habitation;

In the same world, so were the Jews and the Christians also.

But who were the one who raised the sword in Your name?

Who reclaimed the despoiled world in Your name?

The Hameen Ek Tere Ma'ar Ke Aaraoon Mein;
Khushkiyon Mein Kabhi Ladte, Kabhi Daryaaon Mein.
Di Azaanein Kabhi Europe Ke Kaleesawon Mein;
Kabhi Africa Ke Tapte Huwe Sehrawon Mein.

Shaan Aankhon Mein Na Jajti Thi Jahaandaaron Ki;
Kalma Padhte The Hum Chaaun Mein Talwaaron Ki.

We alone were the marshals of Your troops!
We were fighting at times on dry lands and at times in the rivers/oceans.
Some times we were calling adhans in the Europe's cathedrals;
And sometimes in the scorching African deserts

We never cared for the grandeur of monarchs...
We recited the Kalimah even under the shade of swords 

Ham Jo Jeete The Tho Jangon Ki Museebat Ke Liye
Aur Marte The Tere Naam Ki Azmath Ke Liye
Thi Na Kuch Taigh Zani Apni Hukoomat Ke Liye
Sarbakaf Phirte The KyaDeher Mein Daulat Ke Liye?

Qaum Apni Jo Zar-o-Maal-e-Jahaan Par Marti
Buth Faroshi Ke Iwaz Buth Shikani Kyun Karti?

If we lived we lived for the calamities of wars
If we  died we died for the grandeur of  Your name
We did not wield the sword for our kingdoms
Did we roam about the world fearlessly for wealth?

If our nation had been greedy of gold and worldly  wealth
Why would we have been idol breakers  instead of idol sellers?

Tal Na Sakte The Agar Jung Mein Ad Jaate The
Paaun Sheron Ke bhi Maindaan Se Ukhad Jaate The
Tujh Se Sarkash Huwa Koi Tho Bigad Jaate The
Taigh Kya Cheez Hai Hum Toup Se Ladh Jaate The

Naqsh Tauheed Ka Har Dil Pe Bithaaya Hum Ne
Zer-e-Khanjar Bhi Ye Paighaam Sunaaya Hum Ne

Once firmly stood in the battle we were immovable
Even lions in the battle against us would be in flight
We  were enraged if some one rebelled against You
What to talk about sword we fought even against canons

We imprinted the picture of Oneness on every heart
We conveyed this message even under the dagger

Tuhi Kehde Ke Ukhaada Dar-e-Khaibar Kisne?
Sheher Qaisar Ka Jo Tha Usko Kiya Sar Kisne?
Todey Makhlooq-e-Khudawand Ke Paikar Kisne?
Kaat Kar Rakh Diye Kuffaar Ke LAshkar Kisne?

Kisne Thanda Kiya Aatishkada-e-Iraan Ko?
Kisne Phir Zinda Kiya Tazkira-e-Yazdaan Ko?

You yourself say, who uprooted the gate of Khaibar?
Who conquered the city which was Qaisar’s?
By whom were the images of created gods destroyed?

By whom were the armies of infidels slaughtered?

Who cooled down the fire temple of Iran?
Who made the memory of God then become alive?

Kaunsi Qaum Faqat Teri Talabgaar Huwi?
Aur Tere Liye Zehmatkash-e-Paikaar Huwi?
Kiski Shamsheer Jahangeer-e-Jahandaar Huwi?
Kiski Takbeer Se Duniya Teri Bedaar Huwi?

Kiski Haibat Se Sanam Sehme Huwe Rehte The?
Muh Ke Bal Girke "Huwallahu Ahad" Kehte The?

Which nation become Your seeker exclusively?
And for You, undertook wars’ calamities?
Whose sword became world-seizing, world-holding?
By whose "Takbeer" did Your world become enlightened?

Through whose fear did the idols remain trembling?
Having fallen on their faces, they used to say "Allah is One."

Agaya 'Ain Ladaai Mein Agar Waqt-e-Namaz
Qibla Roo Hoke Zameen Bose Huwi Qaum-e-Hijaaz
Ek Hi Saff Mein Khade Hogaya Mehmood-o-Ayaaz
Na Koi Banda Raha Aur Na Koi Banda Nawaaz

Banda-o-Sahab-o-Mohtaaj-o-Ghani Ek Huwe
Tere Sarkaar Mein Pahunche Tho Sabhi Ek Huwe

If the time of prayer came right in the midst of battle
Hijaz’ nation fell in prostration facing the Ka’abah
Both Mahmud and Ayaz in the same row stood
None as the slave and none as the master stood

Slave and master, poor and rich became one!
On arrival in Your Place all became one!

Mehfil-e-Kaun-o-Makaan Mein Sahar-o-Shaam Phire
Mai Tauheed Ko Lekar Sifat-e-Jaam Phire
Koh Mein Dasht Mein Lekar Tera Paighaam Phire
Aur Maloom Hai Tujhko Kabhi Na-Kaam Phire?

Dasht Tho Dasht Hain Darya Bhi Na Chode Hamne
Bahr-e-Zulmaat Mein Dauda Diye Ghode Hamne

We wandered in the gathering of all creation, in the dawn and dusk
Having taken the wine of Tauheed, we wandered intoxicated with it
We wandered with Your Message in the mountains, in the deserts
And You even know whether we ever returned unsuccessful?

Deserts are merely deserts, we did not spare even the seas
We galloped our horses in the oceans of darkness!

Safha-e-Deher Se Baatil Ko Mitaya Humne
Nooye Insaan Ko Gulaami Se Chudaaya Humne
Tere Kaabe Ko Jabeenon Se Basaaya Humne
Tere Qur'an Ko Seenon Se Lagaya Humne

Phirbhi Humse Ye Gila Hai Ke Wafadaar Nahi
Hum Wafadaar Nahi Tubhi Tho Dildaar Nahi

We erased falsehood from the face of the earth
We freed the human race from bonds of slavery
We established Your Ka'bah  with our foreheads
We put Your Qur’an into our hearts

Nevertheless, there is this complaint to us, that we are not faithful
If we are not faithful, then You too are not generous

Ummatein Aur Bhi Hain Unmein Gunehgaar Bhi Hain
Ijz-waale Bhi Hain, Mast Mai Pindaar Bhi Hain
Unmein Kaahil Bhi Hain Ghaafil Bhi Hain Hoshyaar Bhi Hain
Sainkdon Hain Ke Tere Naam Se Bezaar Bhi Hain

Rahmatein Hain Tere Aghyaar Ke Kaashaanon Par
Barq Girti Hai Tho Bechaare Musalmaanon Par!

There are other communities too, among them are sinners too
There are modest people and intoxicated arrogant ones too
Among them are lazy, heedless as well as clever people too
There are also hundreds who are disgusted with Your Name

Tour Mercy descends on the other people's houses
Lightning strikes only on the poor Muslims' abodes

Buth-Sanam Khaanon Mein Kehte Hain, Musalmaan Gaye
Hai Khushi Unko Ke Kaabe Ke Nigehbaan Gaye
Manzil-e-Deher Se Uonton Ke HadiKhwaan Gaye
Apne Baghlon Mein Dabaaye Huwe Quran Gaye

Khandazan Kufr Hai, Ehsaas Tujhe Hai Ki Nahi?
Apni Tauheed Ka Kuch Paas Tujhe Hai Ki Nahi?

The idols in temples say ‘The Muslims are gone’
They are glad that the Ka'bah's guardians are gone
From the world's stage, the drivers of camels have gone,
They, with the Qur’an in their arm pits, are gone

Infidelity is mocking, do You feel it or not?
Do You have any respect for Your Oneness, or not?

Ye Shikaayat Nahi Hai Unke Khazaane Ma'moor
Nahi Mehfil Mein Jinhe Baat Bhi Karne Ka Sha'oor
Qahr Tho Ye Hai Ke Kaafir Ko Mile Hoor-o-Qasoor
Aur Bechaare Musalmaan Ko Faqat Waada-e-Hoor

Ab Wo Altaaf Nahi Hampar Inaayat Nahi
Baat Yeh Kya Hai Ke Pahli Si Madarat Nahi?

This is not a complain that their treasures are full
Who don't even have the intelligence to speak [properly] in a gathering
The Outrage is that infidels are rewarded with Houris and palaces
And the poor Muslims consoled with only promise of Houris

We have been deprived of the former graces and favors
What is the matter, we are deprived of the former courtesies?

Kyun Musalmaanon Mein Hai Daulat-e-Duniya Nayaab
Teri Qudrat Tho Hai Woh Jiski Na Hadd Hai Na Hisaab
Tu Jo Chahe Tho Uththe Seena-e-Sehra Se Habaab
Rahrawe Dasht Ho Saili Zada Mauj-e-Saraab

Ta'in-e-Aghyaar Hai, Ruswaai Hai, Nadaari Hai
Kya Tere Naam Pe Marne Ka Iwaz Khwari Hai?

Why, among Muslims, is material wealth unobtainable?
Your power is such that it has no limit nor accounting
With Your Will the desert’s bosom would produce bubbles of water
The desert's traveler can be facing flood of mirage's waves

Others' sarcasm that we are disgraced and poverty struck
Is this recompense the reward for Loving You?

Bani Aghyaar Ki Ab Chahnewaali Duniya
Rah Gayi Apne Liye Ek Khayaali Duniya
Hum Tho Ruksath Huwe, Auron Ne Sambhali Duniya
Phir Na Kehna Huwi Tauheed Se Khaali Duniya

Hum Tho Jeete Hain Ke Duniya Mein Tera Naam Rahe
Kahin Mumkin Hai Ke Saaqi Na Rahe Jaam Rahe?

The world has now become lover of the Others!
For us it is only a single imaginary world
We have departed, others have taken over the world
Do not complain now that the world has become devoid of  Tauheed!

We live so that Your name would remain in the  world
Is it possible that the wine-cup exist and the cup-bearer doesn't?

Teri Mehfil Bhi Gayi Chahnewaale Bhi Gaye
Shab Ki Aahein Bhi Gayi, Subah Ke Naale Bhi Gaye
Dil Tujhe De Bhi Gaye, Apna Sila Le Bhi Gaye
Aake Baithe Bhi Na The Aur Nikaale Bhi Gaye

Aaye 'Ishaak! Gaye Waada-e-Farda Lekar
Ab Unhein Dhoond Chiraagh Rukh Zaiba Lekar

Your assemblage is gone, and Your Lovers are also gone
The night's sighs are gone, the dawn's laments are gone
Giving You our hearts and taking our rewards we went on
Just came and sat down and were thrown out

The Lovers came but with tomorrow's promise went away
Now search them with Your beautiful face's lamp!

Dard-e-Laila Bhi Wahi, Qais Ka Pehloo Bhi Wahi
Najid Ke Dasht-o-Jabal Mein Ram-e-Aahoon Bhi Wahi
Ishq Ka Dil Bhi Wahi, Husn Ka Jadoo Bhi Wahi
Ummath-e-Ahmad-e-Mursal Bhi Wahi Tu Bhi Wahi

Phir Ye Aazardagi Ghair-e-Sabab Kya Maani?
Apne Seedaon Par Yeh Chasm-e-Ghazab Kya Maani?

Lailah's pathos is the same, the aspect of Qais too is still the same
In the Najd's desert and mountains the wildness of deer is still the same
The heart of passion is still the same, the Beauty's magic is still the same
The Ummah of the Holy Prophet is the same, You are also the same

Then this displeasure without reason, what's the meaning?
Then this displeasure for Your lovers, what's the meaning?

Tujhko Choda Ke Rasool-e-Arabi Ko Choda?
Buthgari Pesha Kiya? Buth-Shikani Ko Choda?
Ishq Ko, Ishq Ki Aashaftasari Ko Choda?
Rasm-e-Salman-o-Uwaisi Qarani Ko Choda?

Aag Takbeer Ki Seenon Mein Dabi Rakhte Hain
Zindagi Misl-e-Bilaal-e-Habashi Rakhte Hain

Did we forsake You, or did we forsake the Prophet of Arabian?
Did we make idol making our profession, or did we forsake idol breaking?
Did we forsake Love, or did we forsake the madness of Love?
Did we forsake the customs of Salman and Uwais Qarani?

We keep the Takbir's fire suppressed in our hearts!
We are living the life of Bilal the Abyssinian!

Ishq Ki Khair, Wo Pehli Si Ada Bhi Na Rahi
Jadha Paimaaee Tasleem-o-Raza Bhi Na Rahi
Muztarib Dil Sifat-e-Qabl Numa Bhi Na Rahi
Aur Pabandi Aain-e-Wafa Bhi Na Rahi

Kabhi Humse Kabhi Ghairon Se Shana-Saai Hai
Baat Kehneki Nahi Tu Bhi Tho Harjaai Hai

Granted that Love has lost its former elegance also
We may have lost treading the path of Love also
We may have lost the restless heart like the compass also
And we may have lost the observance of fidelity's rules also

You are changing friendship between us and others
It is not something fit to say but You are also unfaithful!

Sar-e-Faraan Pe Kiya Deen Ko Kaamil Tuney
Ek Ishaare Mein Hazaaron Ke Liye Dil Tuney
Aatish Andoz Kiya Ishq Ka Haasil Tuney
Phoonk Di Garmi Rukhsaar Se Mehfil Tuney

Aaj Kyun Seenein Hamare Sharar Aabaad Nahi?
Hum Wahi Sookhta Samaan Hain Tujhe Yaad Nahi?

You perfected the Deen on the peak of Faran
You a single sign You captivated the hearts of thousands
You made the fruit of Love fire-bringing.
You burned the congregation with Your face's fire

Why today our breasts not filled with sparks of Love?
We are the same burnt out (Lovers), don't You remember?

Vaadi-e-Najd Mein Wo Shor-e-Salasal Na Raha
Qais Deewana-e-Nazzaara-e-Mehmil Na Raha
Hausle Wo Na Rahe, Hum Na Rahe, Dil Na Raha
Ghar Ye Ujda Hai Ke, Tu Ronak-e-Mehfil Na Raha

Aye Khosh Aan Roz Ke Aayee Wo Basad Naaz Aayee
Be Hijaabaana Soye Mehfil-e-Ma-Baaz Aayee

The noise of Lovers’ chains in the Najd's Valley has disappeared
Qais has no more remained longing for the litter's sight
Those enthusiasms, we, as well as the heart has disappeared,
The house is destroyed as You have not remained the glory of  gathering

Oh those happy days when You with elegance shall come back
When will You unveiled, to our congregation come back

Baada-Kash Ghair Hain, Gulshan Mein Lab Jo Baithe
Sunte Hain Jaam Bakaf Naghma Ku-Ku Baithe
Daur Hangaama Gulzaar Se Ek-Soo Baithe
Tere Deewane Bhi Hain Muntazir Hu Baithe

Apne Parwanon Ko Phir Zauq-e-Khud Afrozi De
Barq-e-Dereena Ko Farmaan-e-Jigar Sozi De

The Others drink wine, seated in the garden, at the edge of the water-channel
Listening to the cuckoo's call with wine-cup in their hand
In the garden on a side far from the riotous crowd are sitting
Your madmen are also patiently wanting for the "Hu"

Again endow Your moths a relish for self-kindling
Give to the ancient lightning a command of liver-burning.

Qaum-e-Awaara Anaan Taab Hai Phir Soo-e-Hijaaz
Le Uda Bulbul-e-BePar Ko Mazaak-e-Parwaaz
Muztarab Baagh Ke Har Ghoonche Mein Hai Boo-e-Niyaaz
Tu Zara Ched Tho De Tashna Mazaraab Hai Saaz

Naghmein Be-Taab Hain Taaron Se Nikalne Ke Liye
Toor Maztar Hai Usi Aag Mein Jalne Ke Liye

The wandering community is riding again towards the Hijaz,
The relish for flight has carried away the wingless Nightingale.
The fragrance  of humility is restless in every flower bud
Just start the music, instrument is seeking the plectrum

Melodies are restless to emerge from the strings
[Mount] Tur is restless to burn in that same fire!

Mushkilein Ummat-e-Marhoom Ki Aasaan Karde
Mor-e-Bemaya Ko Hamdosh-e-Sulaiman Karde
Jinse Nayaab-e-Muhabbat Ko Phir Arzaan Karde
Hind Ke Der-e-Nasheenon Ko Musalmaan Karde

Juye Khoo-mi Chakad Azz Hasrat Daireena Ma
Mee Tapad Naala Be-Nashtar Kada Seena Ma

Make the difficulties of the blessed people easy,
Make the no-account ant the equal of Solomon.
Make the invaluable produce of Love accessible again
Make the temple-sitters of India [into] Muslims.

[In Persian:] "A stream of blood drips from our ancient longing
Wailing palpitates in the wounded breast of mine!"

Bu-e-Gul Legayi Beroon-e-Chaman Raaz-e-Chaman
Kya Qayaamat Hai Ke Khud Phool Hain Gammaz-e-Chaman
Ahd-e-Gul Khatam Huwa, Toot Gaya Saaz-e-Chaman
Udgaye Daaliyon Se Zamzam-e-Parwaaz-e-Chaman

Ek Bulbul Hai Ke Hai Mehwe Tarannum Abtak
Iske Seene Mein Hai Naghmon Ka Talatun Abtak

(From this verse to the end of the poem Allama Iqbal is referring to himself and his book, Bang-e-Dara)

The fragrance of rose took garden's secret outside the garden
Outrageous that flowers themselves are informers against the garden
The spring is over, broken is the orchestra of the garden
Flown away from branches are the songsters of the garden

Only a nightingale is left which is singing still
In its breast overflows the flood of songs still

Qamariyan Shaaq-e-Sanobar Se Guraizaan Bhi Huwein
Pattiyan Phool Ki Jhad Jhad Ke Pareshaan Bhi Huwein
Wo Puraani Rawishein Baagh Ki Veeran Bhi Huwein
Daliyan Paireen-e-Barg Se Uriyaan Bhi Huwein

Qaid-e-Mausam Se Tabiat Rahi Aazaad Uski
Kaash Gulshan Mein Samajhta Koi Fariyaad Uski

The turtledoves have taken flight from the branch of the pine tree,
The petals of the flowers too have withered and become scattered.
The garden's old beautiful walk-ways are also gone
The branches too became bare without the cover of leaves

But his temperament remained free of the season's restrictions
If only somebody in the garden understand his complaint!

Lutf Marne Mein Hai Baaki, Na Maza Jeene Mein
Kuch Maza Hai Tho Yahi, Khoon-e-Jigar Peene Mein
Kitne Betaab Hain Johar Mere Aaeene Mein
Kis Qadar Jalwe Tadapte Hain Mere Seene Mein

Is Gulistaan Mein Magar Dekhne Waale Hi Nahi
Daagh Jo Seene Mein Rakhte Hon Wo Laale Hi Nahi

There is no pleasure in dying and no taste in living
If there is any pleasure it in bearing this affliction
How restless are the polish-lines in my mirror!
To what an extent glories are fluttering in my breast!

But there is none in this garden to see them
There are no poppies with Love's stain on their breasts

Chaak Is Bulbul-e-Tanha Ki Nawaas-e-Dil Houn
Jaagnewaale Isi Baang-e-Dara Se Dil Houn
Yani Phir Zinda Naye Ahd-e-Wafa Se Dil Houn
Phir Isi Baada Daireena Ke Pyase Dil Houn

Ajmi Khum Hai Tho Kya Mai Tho Hijaazi Hai Meri?
Naghma Hindi Hai Tho Kya Lai Tho Hijaazi Hai Meri?

May hearts be torn by the song of this lonely nightingale
May the sleeping hearts wake up with this very Bang-e-Dara
May the hearts come to life again with a new covenant
May the hearts be thirsty again for this same old wine

My cask may be from 'Ajam, but my wine is from Hijaz
My melody may be Indian but my tune is from Hijaz


  1. Enjoyed the poem again after a long time. Thank you for this. Perhaps you could improve the transliteration. JazaakAllahu Khair.

  2. Bht umdaa wah allama iqbal sir apka jawa nhi